Tanzania In April

Yesu Anaweza ~ Jesus Is Able

Yesu Anaweza

When I get to Heaven gonna walk with Jesus
When I get to Heaven gonna see His face
When I get to Heaven gonna talk with Jesus
Saved by His wonderful grace
Because I’m saved, saved, wonderfully saved
Washed in the blood of the lamb
Saved, saved, wonderfully saved
And I’m so glad I am, hallelujah!
…but for now we walk here and this is a beautiful place ~ this earth.
When we open our eyes and see what is going on around us we have a choice;
we can choose to focus on the bleak and distressing reports
the media that invades our hearts and minds with
and promotes fear and anxiety
or we can focus on the Good News.
It takes effort, and persistence to see all the good
in a seemingly dark world.
It takes faith to believe
that there is hope in the future,
but there is!
Our initial reaction (our attitude) towards any situation surfaces first.
I heard a quote the other day that would be a good tattoo
(or written with a ball point pen)
on my arm. It said, “the problem is not the problem,
the problem is your (my) attitude to the problem.
That is the problem.”
You’re probably thinking, that was a strange intro for a post
but I want (I need) to remember April 2016 and know,
I don’t have any problems.
He is bigger, greater, stronger and
we are HIS.
This is what Tanzania in April 2016 looked like
After our 24+ hour flight, a half a day delay and re configuring our schedule.
(Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things)
We arrive.
Proverbs 16:9 says, “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps”.
We make our plans
but we are ever learning
to allow Him to direct us on this journey.
Here are a few highlights:
VBS with children in Mtakuja ~ This is our first involvement with the people who
live in the area where the Boys Homes are being built.
It was a great day and we made a lot of new friends
who we hope to develop lasting relationships with.

VBS Mtakuja

Little one with broken leg

A little girl was handed to me during our time with the children at Mtakuja. She was about 2 and her leg was swollen. We prayed for her and when her father came to get her Alan told him to take her to the local clinic. An x ray was done and showed she had a broken leg. She came back the next day with it in a cast.                                             Praise God for His timing.

Childs broken leg

Progress on the exterior wall, the Guard House,
clearing the land and perimeter fencing.
Fencing perimeterGuard House at entrance
Shopping for the gift boxes we take to needy families.
Open Air Market in Moshi
We took Teddy and Faith to lunch.
These are two young girls we have known since 2005.
this was the first time the young ladies had ever been out to a lunch.
Teddy is now 12 and Faith is 11.
Teddy and FaithTeddy and Faith
Pastor Chris and Dick Hochreiter from Wildwood Calvary Chapel in Yucaipa, CA joined us for a few days.
This in on the road out to the property.
In the background you can see the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Pastor Chris and Dick Hochreiter
We had a great time of fellowship, food and fun before we said good-bye to Pastor Chris and Dick
fun with friends dinner
The men praying for the project, for God’s provision, His leading, His glory!.
Zac praying
These men work so hard.
God, please bless them and keep them safe.
Making bricksHand dug well
Not a drop of rain the day we went to show the Jesus Video
while 20 minutes away in Moshi there was  torrential  flooding.
This Baobab Tree is right next to the back fence.
(We love Baobab trees)
Bao Bao Tree by property Admiring God’s handywork ~
Mt. Kilimanjaro seen on the road to the Boy’s Home in Mtakuja.
Road to property
Women’s three day workshop on “Being a Godly Woman”
Young women’s question and answer day
and children’s VBS at Yesu Anaweza.
Young ladies at Yesu AnawezaVBS at Yesu AnawezaLittle girl praying Ladies Day
 Jackson YesuSay Jambo, means hello
Redemta, Daniel, Glory and Zac                 Eli, George, Carol, Stacie and Julia Orwa
Zac's familyOrwas
We’re so grateful for all of you.
Our time in Tanzania was full of wonderful moments. Meeting new friends, spending time with old friends, experiencing heart moving situation, and in it all we learned and were reminded that
God does work everything out for good…
…and that we must remember
to rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Our sincere Thank You
goes out to all of you who were praying for us. It was amazing getting through that flood, not getting rain on the night of the Jesus video, the weather being absolutely amazing (rain or shine) the entire time, meeting people we now realize were place there for a specific reason and for safety, our health and energy to accomplish what we were so blessed to be allowed to be a part of.
It was a “game changing”, faith building, beautiful trip, without question.
We will continue to get updates out about the progress of the
Boy’s Home and the container that we will be shipping to Tanzania
at the end of the month.
God Bless you!
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