Boys Home Update and Team Trip in August 2016

Guard house and wall House plans for housefence

Boys Home update.

The building team is in high gear and things are moving quickly.

The team: Sylvester the builder/contractor and his team, Pastor Zachariah is coordinating the project, and doing about ten other things at the same time, and Frate the architect is making sure everything is going as planned.

The Guard House is done, the wall and the fence are done, the gate is done and now the foundation and the walls for the first of many homes are done. This week the roof will be done and when we are there next week we will post more pictures.

The team from Wildwood Calvary Chapel will there in two weeks. Please pray for all of us to be well and safe and full of the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) as we work together with the people of Tanzania that God has per-planed for us to be with.

Flash back over 10 years ago…

While in Tanzania in 2005 we were overwhelmed with this thought, “why are we here?” The situation, that we were personally looking at was far to daunting to even consider stepping into. Alan was a landscaper and I was a wife and a mom. However inexperienced we both were, we felt compelled to take that step anyway.

Maybe you’ve heard our story. At times it’s actually hard to recount because of the “ups and downs” we’ve experienced, the fears we felt of not being able to move forward or to finish well, and our negative thinking that spoke, “it’s never going to happen”, for so many different reasons. Not to mentioned, in reality, this is a crazy big project, dream, vision, but we know if HE compelled us, HE will be the ONE to complete the work. We are just a couple of the ‘cracked pots’ He is allowing to be part of this ‘safari’ – journey. 🙂

We find rest in this:
” A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.”
Proverbs 16:9

Last week we opened the mail to find this sent anonymously:
“He who has pity on the poor lends to the LORD,
And HE will pay back what he has given.”
Proverbs 19:17

The most important phase of this big dream is about to happen. God is going to place 12 little boys in this home. We’ve been praying for these boys for years. We don’t know who they are or what part of Tanzania they will be coming form. This will be their home, to grow up in, to be feed and educated in and to be loved in and taught to go out and love in return. The dream of building a house in Tanzania is not big at all when it is compared with the dream of placing 12 little souls who basically have no one, traversing this earth at such a young age all alone and creating a family from that scenario.

Dream big with us for just a moment, (really BIG). Remember that 2,000 years ago 12 men turned this world upside down and we are believing that our GOD is able to do abundantly more than we could ask or think.

This is an invitation to stand with us, to see this dream become a reality, to be a part of something HE just may have already mapped it out to be a reality. Nothing is to big for HIM.

How wonderful it is to say – to sing:
How Great is our GOD!
Our God is an awesome God.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

Flash forward – August/September 2016

Ups and downs are part of life. Today, over a decade later, we see that HE has brought us through these ups and downs to teach us and to direct our paths to end up in these places, at this point in time. To Tanzania for obvious reasons that have been mentioned and to Yucaipa, CA. To a place where we’ve seen His church pray, step out and be the part of His Big Dream. To go, to love and to share the GOOD NEWS of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST with brothers, sisters and future family members of the Kingdom. To be workers in a plentiful harvest during a very exciting time in all of the history of life.

It is a great blessing to be a part of something that we will never fully understand (while we are walking on this side of Heaven) but we know if He used fisherman, tax collectors, harlots and old ladies (Sarah), He can use landscapers and mamas, students and musicians, and who ever else would say, here I am Lord, send me.

Share about this dream – please!
Be a part of it in your own way.

We love you and thank God for you.

Alan and Shannon Reed

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